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Right holders have created a competitor of Russian authors society

Right holders, who are not happy with RAO have decided and created their own collecting society. As the basis for new collecting society has been taken already incorporated legal entity in a form of non-profit partnership “Russian society of authors and other right holders on collective management of their rights ROAP”. New legal entity is called Russian Authors Union (ROAS).

As representative of new CMO has declared a relevant amendments in incorporation documents have been adopted at common meeting of partners. As ROAS has underlined, the work of RAO’s competitor will be based solely on direct agreements with users (no one word about direct agreements with right holders), ROAS members will withdraw their rights from Russian Authors society and they also raise a question about new “contest” for state accreditation.

It means that right holders has created a competitor of Russian Authors Society, it is not alternative. They want to do what RAO currently does – manage rights in music without direct agreements with right holders, because Russian state accreditation in the field of collective rights management permits to do so.

The main mission of ROAS is establishing new standards of collective rights management. The main principles for new organisation will be transparency in collection of royalties and supervising opportunity for authors. ROAS wants to technologize all procedures of collection, allocation and distribution of collected royalties and at the same time to reduce administrative costs. These are the same tasks the RAO stated initially when obtained state accreditation, few years ago.