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Russian authors society intends to implement special player for public performance in different venues

RAO is ready to create special technical platform in order to automatically track using of musical works in public places (restaurants, outlets and other different venues) and on television channels and radio stations. The purpose is to allow authors and right holder to be able to check how often their music is performed and how much they should receive.

This idea has been discussed with Universal Music, Sony Music, Warner Music, Navigator records and others right holders. After meeting participants decided this idea should be implemented in practice. Currently licencees themselves provide RAO with reports stating how often music has been publicly performed and according to these reports RAO collects royalties. RAO proposed to make platform-player with base of musical tracks allowing making playlists. Such player will automatically track music performance.

But some participants of discussion are not as optimistic as others. Implementation of this idea requires a time (during discussion it was mentioned about eight months) taking into account scandals surrounding RAO and the future of RAO is not clear. Other believes RAO wants to neutralize negative background around it. There were no obstacles to make it earlier or to use already existing solutions.