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Right holders are going to create a competitor of Russian Authors Society

The decision to do it is already made. Now it’s turn for legal technical work. It can take couple of months and a new collecting society is ready to work – to manage rights in music and to collect royalties on behalf of its members.

The reasons why new CMO will appear are prosaic – right holders are not happy with results of Russian authors’ society. The most interesting thing is – why they took so long? Right holders are not satisfied with sums of collected royalties for public performance and other types of royalties. They claim they don’t understand clearly how RAO works – everything is so confusing. They want clear and understandable system for themselves. Whether they can create such system the time will show. The most important thing is, in this story, – to create a collective management organisation, as it has been declared, but not another publishing house, uniting under its roof all unhappy right holders, or record-label, or any organisation other than administrating or managing their rights in music.

The group of Russian right holders has initiated registration process. Among the founders of new CMO will be famous Russian producers and performers – Viktor Drobish, Stas Namin, Gennadiy Gladkov, Basta (Vasiliy Vakulenko), Nusha, Anna Drubich, Domenik Jocker and others. The technical side is not disclosed yet – some king of commercial secret. Few hundreds right holders agree to get on board.

The main reason to create a new CMO is to be independent, rightful members of new society. Just to understand how it works – transparently collects, allocates and distributes collected royalties among its members. Viktor Drobish stated that he is ready to be an ordinary member of such society but with one condition – expressly understand, forecast and analyse its operations and simple realise what is going on. “There is no goal to come up with new some organisation in order to lead it and make money on it” – said Drobish. The documents for registration should be filed next week.