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Too much foreign music on Russian radio stations is not so good for Russian artists

Russian famous composer and music businessman Igor Krytoy believes Russian artists should have more opportunities for their careers in Russia, therefore if rotation of foreign artists on Russian radio stations would be restricted by law it could help Russian artists to get more listeners of their music.

There are different radio stations in Russia and some of them already broadcast only Russian music, some of them broadcast Russian and foreign music, some of them broadcast only foreign music – in other words each radio station has its own format, it would not like to change. But the law could “help” them to change their mind. The law could restrict the common percentage of all foreign music broadcasted on radio stations. The time, vacated due to new law, could be occupied by Russian music performed by Russian artists. This is the good and strong opportunity for new and young talents and a perfect chance for classical performers, believes Krutoy.

It is not the new idea to restrict competition for foreign music, especially as it is called in Russia – “western music”. Some deputies from Russian state duma have made attempts to lobby more opportunities for Russian music and artists, but without success.