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Radio station “Silver Rain” sued Yandex for using its brand in Yandex.Radio service

Russian internet company Yandex has launched its service Yandex.Radio about one year ago. In this service Yandex made special section “Like on Radio” in order to make the choice of music more convenient and simpler for its users. This section has been made with intention to help user to find suitable for him style or type of music similar with musical format of popular radio stations, like “Europa plus”, “Silver Rain” and others. Some radio station owners did not like it.

One of them concerned that listeners would erroneously believe that radio station works with Yandex. Besides, Yandex has been accused in exploitation of radio stations logos and brands, at least some of them, without their consent. Some companies, owners of radio stations, required Yandex to cease and desist to exploit names of radio stations managed and owned by these companies. Silver Rain also did not agree to participate in Yandex.Radio and did not give its permission on any reference to radio station. Yandex reacted. It deleted section “Like on Radio”. The all story could end on this point. But it did not happen so.

Russian radio station “Silver Rain” has sued Yandex for exploitation of its brand without proper consent. “Silver Rain” demands compensation about 8 thousand dollars. This sum includes expenditures on notarial fixation of delict, legal costs and labor costs. “During several months “Silver Rain” tried to settle conflict beyond the court, but Yandex Company ignored all proposed options” – said Elena Fedulova, representative of “Silver Rain”. Yandex stated it had used names of radio stations, but it did not use their logos. Radio station names only helped to navigate what type of music to choose”.