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Russian online cinemas must be controlled by Russians as believes Russian media communication union

Russian media-communication union, consisting of major communication operators and media holding companies, has proposed to reduce foreign participation in companies operating or owning online cinemas in Russia, like Ivi, Okko or Megogo. The idea is that foreign persons can own not more than 20% of company’s shares.

Exclusion provided only for operators of audiovisual services, being business company and playing strategic role in defense of country and state security. Such services shall be registered in registry and Roskomnadzor would be responsible for its maintaining and running.

The most interesting thing about “work” on this project is its timeframe. People were thinking more than six months and it seems the best their idea is analogue with mass media law – no more than 20% in share capital of a company. But there is good news – authors of revolutionary ideas refused to oblige online cinemas to broadcast in Russian language not less than 80% of all broadcasted content and complete their movie and serials catalogues with not less than 30% content of Russian production (curious – produced on Russian money or produced in Russia?).

Pavel Stepanov, head of media communication union, believes “20% idea” is “reasonable amendment” and there is “nothing wrong” with it. Manager of one media company is sure that such idea came from telecommunication operators, but not from broadcasters. Other executives believe this idea benefits pirates and kills streaming video marketplace in Russia. Users of such services will also lose.