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Russian government dislikes idea to fund Russian cinematography at the expense of Russian movie exhibitors

Russian ministry of culture (MinCult) proposed to fund Russian cinematography at the expense of television channels (broadcasters), movie exhibitors (online and traditional cinemas). Russian broadcasters, cinemas and media companies already acquire rights in content, including those produced in Russia, they fund Russian cinematography already and don’t want to pay more.

And it seems Russian government is on a media companies’ side. MinCult’s idea has been rejected. First vice-premier, Igor Shuvalov, did not agree with MinCult upon the way how Russian cinematography should be funded. Instructions of Russian president to find additional ways and opportunities for investments in Russian movie industry are not realised. This year Russian state allocated about 5 billion roubles for production of Russian movies. But it is not enough for Russian cinematography to equally compete with foreign movies, believes Russian minister of culture Medinsky.

Broadcaster’s CEOs stated they already support movie producers. They acquire rights in movies to broadcast, they provide promotion. Why they should pay more? Representative from Russian ministry of communication agrees with them.