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Another popular Russian web-resource is to be permanently blocked for copyright infringement

Russian popular web-site Librusec ( is to be permanently blocked for copyright infringement under Moscow court order. Russian publishing house “AST” has applied for preliminary measure in order to protect its copyright in three literary works illegally placed on web-site in question.

The court has the right to implement preliminary measures prior the right holder files a suit. Right holder has proved its copyright infringement under current Russian law. The court was satisfied with provided by publishing house documents and decided to block internet resource. The claimant has certain term for filing a suit. If claimant will not do it, the court will consider repealing of implemented preliminary measures.

Web-site has been found in 2007 by Ilya Larin. Users of web-site uploaded content which was freely available for download without any payments. But since 2009 the policy of web-resource has been changed. Anonymous users, trying to download a book, were redirected to paid online book-stores. Later all users could download books only for certain remuneration, so the web-site became commercial.

Those users who were not agreed with new policy of web-site have found its analogue – online library, also blocked under Moscow court decision in 2015 for copyright infringement. The claim has been filed by Russian publishing house Eksmo. But administration of this web-site has changed domain name and acquired more other domain names for case of another blocking or preliminary measure.

But the most interesting thing is that web-site is still available. It is not blocked. Perhaps in near future it will be blocked.