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Russian Roskomnadzor proposed to repeal mechanism of approval for reproduction of material mediums containing video, music, software etc.

Under Russian law in order to reproduce material copies of audio-visual works, software, data bases, music, in addition to licence from right holder, it is necessary to receive written approval from relevant state authority. Such approval is also called licence, but not from right holder. Exception is provided only for those persons, who are right holders.

Roskomnadzor currently issues such approvals and it has asked Russian ministry of communication (MinCom) and Russian ministry of economic development (MinEco) to repeal such approvals. In the era of internet such mechanism, protecting rights and interests of right holders, has outdated, many people buy audio-visual works and games through internet. Almost nobody is interested in material mediums like CD or DVD.

According to MinEco’s report for 2016 Roskomnadzor has issued only 6 approvals in 2016. In 2016 Roskomnadzor proposed to cease issuing of such approvals. The reason was that “Such type of licencing… is outdated and does not constitute an effective mechanism protecting consumers’ rights (including when information is disseminated in info-telecommunication networks)”.

MinEco upheld Roskomnadzor’s position, but currently it is impossible to repeal issuing of approvals due to Russia’s international obligations under WTO agreements. As long as obligations are in force, Roskomnadzor, along with persons who still publish CD or DVD, must comply with current procedures provided for reproduction of copies of material mediums containing video, music of software.