Press "Enter" to skip to content accused Match TV of using texts from’s web-site illegally

Few days ago Match TV accused of copyright infringements. Now vise-versa. CEO of, Dmitry Navosha, explained why does not sue Match TV. According to Navosha, correspondent from Match TV in his reportage has read text from without any reference to resource ( Nevosha underlined that it was not occasional. Such things happen regularly.

After the receiving of suit from Match TV, prepared its own countersuit to Match TV also for infringement of rights in intellectual property. But Navosha asked to hold on with the suit, he hopes that someone was in bad temper (asked the law department to achieve a blocking of, cool off with a time and will withdraw this “shameful” suit to Creation of content is more important than litigation.

Navosha reminded about situations when other sporting media reposted materials without any reference to initial resource or author’s name. Even published materials from other media. Such situations have been resolved very simply, according to Navosha, with help of plain electronic letters. These letters achieved required result very quickly. But dispute with Match TV is out of routine.

Match TV did not wait with reply. The channel has underlined that copyright is a sacred thing. Each of reporters, who created good material, must be proud of it. And certainly reporter will be disappointed if someone copypaste it. The correspondent of Match TV, copypasted material of, has been penalized and is ready to pay remuneration to author of material copypasted for his report translated on Match TV.

Match TV claims this mistake has not been made intentionally. It is just “misstep in quoting”. It is not trolling. The channel has commended for timely notification in order to let the channel react properly and promptly.