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Russian state duma can make laws on blocking of web-sites more tough if necessary

Recently the Russian court has decided to block access to Telegram messenger. Some are glad to this decision, some are not. Users have reacted differently: some part of them have changed messenger, some part of them has laughed and switched on their VPN. Some people, who make money through telegram, hope users residing in Russia will use VPN.

But Russian state duma is also realize that users of telegram can use VPN, and therefore deputy of committee on informational technologies and policy Krupennikov has stated that Russian state duma can propose new amendments to Russian law in order to block telegram in Russia for sure. It is first such experience for Russian Roskomnadzor, blocking of messenger Telegram, and Russian legislators oversee whether additional measures are necessary in order to improve blocking.

The “target” of new amendments can be VPN services, allowing users to circumvent restriction of access to internet resources, implemented by Russian authorities. Under Russian law VPN and other similar services must restrict access to web-resources if relevant Russian authority requires so. If VPN does not comply with such requirement, it is to be blocked also.