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The Russian law on blocking messengers’ users is not feasible

The Russian ministry of communication believes the draft law, recently proposed and introduced to Russian state duma and providing blocking of electronic mail’ and messengers’ users are technically non-feasible. If the service would refuse to block user, it could face penalty up to 1 mln roubles. The ministry dislikes this draft law because it also contradicts to the principle of net neutrality. If the messengers and operators of electronic mail would be force to see and read their users’ correspondence they could migrate to VPN and foreign communication services like Gmail, Yahoo and others.

The draft law provides blocking of user’s accounts in electronic mail services and messengers if the user disseminates information prohibited in Russia. Under the draft law fall many services, like Viber, Whatsapp, Yandex, Mail, Facebook and other known and popular messenger. In other words some Russian senators have proposed to cut off certain internet users from communication in internet, but did not take into account many very important things like constitutional rights, human rights and technical side of the draft law. And don’t think such senators should know how internet works, if they would know, they would destroy it.

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