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Should architects be deprived of copyright in Russia?

Sometimes for certain entrepreneurs it is quite profitable to make business with state. Property development is not an exception. Development companies receive contracts and can be sure that they receive payments in full and in time. Russian state authorities believe they pay large sums of money; therefore they want to receive everything from contractor, including copyright in design and construction documentation.

Perhaps that is why the Russian ministry of construction has proposed last year to deprive architects of their copyrights if they work under projects of capital construction on request of the state. Under the proposal the architect would not have the right to participate in realization of project unless it is stipulated in individual agreement. The proposal was made in order to “improve urban development in Russia”.

The state authorities would own all intellectual property rights. They also could use and realize architectural projects anytime and anywhere when they wish so. The architects union disliked such idea. They underlined that it is contrary to international law. Architects also stated that these proposed amendments are harmful to industry and quality of building if architect has no opportunity to control the process of construction.