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Russian ministry of culture proposed to examine being in demand of Russian artists

Sometimes Russian authorities proposed some things with the aim to build and improve the Russian market and economy. But the outcome of such proposal is often one step back to the Soviet Union. Quit recently the Russian Ministry of Culture has proposed to examine the being in demand of Russian artists in order to decide whether to extend the term of agreement or to conclude the new one.

The idea is if the artist is not in demand the agreement with him is to be terminated. The proposal concerns the creative professions in theaters, musical and dance groups, live performance organisations and circuses if the founder or owner of such enterprises is Russian Federation as a state, its subjects as administrative units or municipalities. The draft law is proposed to public discussion. It was developed and draft at the request of Russian vice-premier Olga Golodec.

According to the Ministry of Culture “one of the draft law novelties is the provision, providing examination of being in demand in relation to creative employees of the theaters, musical and dance groups, live performance organisations and circuses, excluding the employees with whom the labor contract has been concluded for fixed term”. The Ministry of Culture ensures this idea with examination has been discussed in professional community long time ago.

According to the draft law examination is to be performed no more than once in three years and executives, expectant mothers and women with children under three years old, and persons raising children with disabilities and creative employees who have honorary titles are excluded from examination. Employers are recommended to form a special commission. Not less than quarter of such commission should be from local labor union or other representatives elected by the employees.

The commission would examine the being in demand of certain creative person in order to determine whether such person would participate in repertoire of the theater, music or dance groups, live performance organisation or circus, – state explanatory note to the draft law. If the person passes the examination it is good for him, if he does not pass – it is the ground to terminate agreement with him. In case of agreement termination the employee is to be compensated; the compensation is to be not less average monthly earning for three months. The draft law should enter into force in November 2019.

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