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Russian cinemas asked the Russian authorities to forget about the quotas for movies

Recently Russian ministry of culture (MinCult) proposed to set up quotas for screening of movies in cinemas in Russia. Not more than 35% of all screenings for one movie, except the national one, i.e. produced in Russia. This proposal aimed to “support fair competition in Russian market” and provide equal screening opportunities for all movies.

Certainly Russian cinemas didn’t like this proposal. It can cause damages and losses for them. Therefore they have sent a letter to administration of Russian president with plea to deny amendments to the law proposed by the Russian MinCult. The letter states that the “synthetic restrictions and excessive state intervene can impede the development of cinemas” in Russia, which survive hard times. “The business can lose its attractiveness for investors and as a consequence negatively affect the growth of Russian cinema market”.

According to the letter there are not so many Russian films which can successfully compete with Hollywood movies in distribution. The proposed amendments would not improve Russian cinematograph, rather they would affect it negatively. These amendments would destroy the established practice of movies distribution in Russia. Any movie, regardless of country of its productions, receives more than 35% of screenings in first week. After the first week the quantity of screenings for such movie is decreasing depending on its popularity.