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Russian Ministry of Culture proposed to support Russian cinematography at the expense of Hollywood

Russian minister of culture, Vladimir Medinsky, believes it should be done much more in order to support Russian cinematography. How this goal could be achieved? Restrict opportunities for Hollywood. Why Hollywood? Perhaps because there have been produced more successful and popular movies?

Medinsky reminded that his office has power to provide better conditions for Russian movies when they are distributed in movie theaters. If the dates of releases for Russian movie match with dates of releases for foreign movie (with the similar theme) the Russian ministry of culture has authority to let a Russian movie go first. But it is not enough, believes Medinsky. He wants more.

Why? According to him there are a lot of Hollywood films, but “they are crappy” and they “eat the place” of Russian movies. For example, at the weekend, when 50% of film sessions were occupied by “xXx: Return of Xander Cage”. Medinsky believes it should be done much more in order to support Russian cinematography.

In order to receive permission for distribution in movie theatres it is necessary to pay 3500 Russian roubles (about 50 dollars). Now it is proposed to raise “the entrance price” up to 5 million Russian roubles. High price would “cool the ardour” of Hollywood distributors and clean the theatrical distribution in Russia from crappy foreign movies. As a result there would be more “place” for Russian films in theatrical distribution (whether they will be better than Hollywood films was not mentioned).

The idea to raise a price of “permission” to show Hollywood movies in Russian theatres is discussed very vigorously. Russian minister of culture Medinsky is an ardent supporter of it. The money, collected from raised price of “permission”, he proposes to give to the Cinema Fund and subsequently to spend them on creation of Russian movies.

Dmitry Peskov, press-secretary of Russian president, believes “alongside with any promotion of Russian cinematography it is necessary to put in the forefront the interests of customers, Russians, therefore this subject matter must be worked over very carefully”. Russian MinCult’s proposal is one of viewpoints.