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It was proposed to use big data to write laws

The experts from Russian innovational center Skolkovo have proposed to use big data in changing the laws, to provide regulation for “digital footprint” of citizen and state control over devices of internet of things. Skolkovo also commissioned the draft on conception towards to development of digital economy. Almost all stakeholders dislike proposals stemming from skolkovo’s experts.

Anyway the conception, outlining ideas in general statements, is provisional draft. It means it could be changed. Not all things, included therein, have been discussed with relevant experts and stakeholders, the drafters explained. The main idea of abovementioned proposal is to amend the law timely with the necessity causing by the changing environment and without damaging economy. The amendments would be proposed in accordance with analyze of big data.

There is also intention to regulate so called digital footprint. There are two types of such digital footprint – active and passive. The active footprint means when the user leaves information in social networks and personal accounts on different platforms or in different services (like personal details). The passive footprint means data produced unintentionally or accidentally by relevant software. Such data, for example, can be collected by the search engine or operational system, installed at the user’s device.

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