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Internet of things can face mandatory identification in Russia

Till the end of 2019 there should be regulated identification of internet of things (IoT) in Russia. Such measure is provided in Russian strategy for “Digital economy”. It was stated that it is not about to identify users, who have devices of IoT, but things themselves. For each device, thing connected to internet, an individual identifier should be allocated.

The member of working group, developing proposal for regulation, explained that identification of devices, connected to internet, is necessary for stable network. Currently there are a lot of devices working or functioning under different standards and protocols. The more market of IoT grows, the more conflicts or faults can be when the devices connect to internet. Therefore the Russian state wants to regulate the market of IoT by way of allocating identifiers for devices of IoT. Many details of such regulation are not defined.

But Russian enforcement authorities want also identify users of communication and social networks, online games. Such social networks, working and operating in Russia, like Facebook, Vkontakte or Medium can face new obligation to identify its users from Russia. How total identification of users can be implemented in practice is not clear.