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Russian senators developed draft law on digital profile

According to the draft law the digital profile would be a platform where the different information and data on citizens are to be collected. The draft law also provides new definition – the electronic id. The main aim of the draft law is to adapt to digital environment in modern world and achieving purposes of relevant national agenda. The draft law provides main principles for regulation of person distance identification and authentication.

The draft law lacks details regulating how the data and information is to be received from digital profile. There is also no means and procedures providing citizens consent to receive a service and citizens permission to use personal data. The draft law is of “framework nature”, according to senators, the missing details (actually the main details) are to be regulated by the separate legal acts.

The digital profile would contain information on citizens in the form of links to different judicial records in other informational systems and databases (like property or taxes). But initially – according to the conception of the digital profile – the citizen should have control over his personal data in digital profile and no one could use them without prior clear consent. But the draft law is missing condition of clear consent from the side of citizen.

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