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Russians were proposed to deal with their personal data

The personal information of internet users, which they leave or provide it making purchases or using some service etc., is very valuable for advertisers and internet companies. For example, some video services work on advertising models, when users watch ads in return of access to their favorite movies or music. In order to define what ads to show the advertisers collect certain information about internet users.

Mostly nobody think and care about his or her personal information or data, which they leave in internet during surfing. It was proposed to include the right to receive remuneration or any other type of satisfaction for handling or using of user’s personal data. In other words the idea is to propose the internet user with some kind compensation if the user shares his or her personal data with vendor or provider or service or good. Such compensation could be provided in conception of data regulation.

This conception is under consideration. What form the compensation would receive is to be discussed by stakeholders – business community and state. The internet users could receive compensation for handling of their personal data, the business could use such data in its commercial interests and the state could control it. But the social networks expressed their concerns about such conception. They believe it could provide uncontrolled access to users’ personal data.