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Russian Roskomnadzor has published new procedure for identification of resources to be blocked

Who executes identification under proposed procedure? It is officers of Roskomnadzor. Identification is necessary in order to restrict access to certain web-site of web-page where is published information forbidden for dissemination in Russia. The Roskomnadzor is the operator of the single registry containing the URLs, domain names and network addresses of web-sites in internet where is published information forbidden for dissemination in Russia.

When identification should be executed? At the requests of relevant authorities, under decisions or orders of Russian courts, at the request of general prosecutor and in accordance with other relevant decision under current Russian law. The last wording is the most favorite among the Russian legislators. Almost everything falls under this wording. Identification is to be executed by network address and/or domain name and/or URL. The term for execution of identification is 24 hours.

When the officer of Roskomnadzor receives relevant document, concerning resource in question, he or she must verify whether information containing in documents is fit with information containing on web-resource, in other words whether there is a ground for restriction of access to web-resource in question. The officer must take a look and make sure visually that the access is to be restricted. If the information on web-resource matches with information in documents it means that the identification is executed. Very simple. The draft procedure itself.