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Hyperlink is a dissemination of information according to Russian internet watchdog Roskomnadzor

Under the current Russian law the access to the web-site can be restricted without court order if the Attorney General or his deputy believes that such web-site disseminates information or content calling to mass disorder, extremist activities, participation in public events, organised in violation of Russian law and if such web-sites is operated by non-governmental organisation, recognised non-grata in Russia.

Under article 15.3 of Russian law “on information, its protection and informational technologies” Roskomnadzor is obliged to restrict access to informational resources, i.e. web-sites, at the request of the Attorney General. If the web-site contains hyperlink to material (text, video, audio, image etc.) with illegal content, Roskomnadzor considers it as dissemination of illegal content if such hyperlink is an inseparable part of context.

“If editor board places on its web-site a hyperlink to any material of external resource, it means the board is aware of nature of such material available at the hyperlink. Therefore the editorial board by means of placing a hyperlink to materials with information, forbidden for dissemination in Russia, is encouraging the dissemination of such information.”