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Russian Roskomnadzor explained what can be published on “plug-pages”

Under current Russian law the access to certain web-site, web-platform or even single web-page can be restricted if there has been published information, forbidden for dissemination in Russia. It can be a content of different nature. When the access is restricted, the user usually can see only short notification stating that the access is forbidden or restricted under court order or in accordance with decision of relevant Russian authorities.

But there is a little question – what can be shown on so-called “plug page”? When a user, residing in Russia, tries to visit web-site, blocked in Russia, the ISP, providing such user with access to internet, usually redirects this user to its plug-page. Can ISP show advertisement on such page or provide the user with certain information, even of advertisement nature? Roskomnadzor decided to make such issue clear. It has published a draft order answering the question.

Advertisement, news or information, explaining how to circumvent restriction of access, are forbidden for publication on “plug-pages”. The plug page is to be of white color. There should be also published the following text: “The access to informational resource is restricted under Federal Law “On information, its protection and informational technologies”. This text should cover not less than a half of plug-page and the size of this text can’t be more than 10Kb.