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Russian government allowed forming of interagency commissions for blocking of web-sites in severe cases

Russian government has adopted amendments to one of its decrees concerning the blocking of web-sites. The special interagency commission can be formed if the case is difficult. But amendments also provide certain details in procedure when information in question is to be blocked.

First of all, it must be indicated not only the name of authority making decision, but also initials of officer, who discovered illegal information in Internet, and his position. Domain name, address of web page, containing illegal information, also must be mentioned in document. Description of illegal information, allowing its identification, including copy of webpage, verified by certified electronic signature, must be enclosed to document for blocking of illegal information.

If it is not so easy to define whether information is illegal or its dissemination is forbidden by law, relevant authorised entities have the right to form commission of experts. Its structure is to be defined by Russian Roskomnadzor in coordination with Ministry of internal affairs, Federal service on supervising in the field of consumers’ rights protection and Federal tax service.

Now the decision, adopted by authorised entity, to block certain information in Internet, can be served to Roskomnadzor by electronic means – special system for electronic interaction between state authorities. This will make the blocking of web-site or certain webpage faster, because decision in writing can be delivered by Russian post too long.

The investigative committee of Russian Federation proposed to allow Roskomnadzor to decide on its own whether information in Internet is illegal or forbidden by law. It could mean that if Roskomnadzor decided alone that information in question is illegal, it would have authority to block it without consultation or interoperation with other state authorities. Committee also proposed to organise center of monitoring. Such center could monitor internet on the subject of illegal information in Internet.