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Three accredited Russian CMOs changed their mind about merger

Vedomosti reports, that Russian Authors Society (RAO), All-Russian Organisation of Intellectual Property (VOIS) and Russian Union of Right holders (RSP) will not unite in one big CMO. RSP withdrew relevant documents filed to Ministry of Justice. But what is the most interesting, RAO has no idea about merger of three accredited CMO. The only thing has been done is application to change the name of RAO – to add new words in name (trade union of creators). That’s all. According to RAO this application was made by the manager of VOIS. But according to Ministry of Justice this application was made by RSP.

Three CMO still don’t have common point of view in relation to merger. Who will in charge of new CMO and who will be out of the board? When all managers find answers on these questions, authors will become a members of new CMO, but without accreditation. But in that case they must conclude new agreements and new CMO will have conclude new agreements with other CMO, so called reciprocal agreements.