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Russia is almost ready to create a single regulator for collective management of copyright

First vice-premier Igor Shuvalov hosted a meeting dedicated to regulation in the field of intellectual property. The stakeholders of copyright market are almost ready to agree to create a single regulator for collective management of rights, but there is no common consent as regards to who will be supervising such regulator.

The minister of education Olga Vasilieva, the minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky, the deputy of minister of economic Oleg Fomichev, the chief of Rospatent, the president of Russian Union of right holders Nikita Michalkov, the CEO of Russian authors Society and the CEO of All Russian organisation of intellectual property Andrey Krichevsky were among the participants of such meeting.

Market participants and stakeholders were unanimously agreed that the industry of collective management needs external regulator, but there is no common opinion who should be such regulator. One option is the ministry of economic development, but representatives of accredited CMOs disagree, they believe the ministry of culture or ministry of education should be such regulator. Ministry of culture once proposed to unite accredited CMOs in order to allow them to control themselves.