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Russian antipiracy law needs revision as believe in Russian state duma

Russian antipiracy law must be revised, said first deputy of chairman of state duma committee on informational policy Vadim Dengin. “There is no such fact in our law as definition what is piracy in this case. If I have bought relevant movie and want to share it with my 20 friends and I do it in order to provide them with opportunity to download movie with high speed and to watch it when they want. Am I a pirate in such case? Even if I’ve paid for this content. And piracy is thousand people, of five hundreds, or couple hundreds? We don’t have it in our law. And I believe such miscues should be eliminated near future.”

Deputy also has mentioned about cross-border legislation. It has been not implemented in Russia. “All pirates migrated to Ukraine’s (.ua), Kazakhstan’s (.kz), Azerbaijan’s (.az) domain zones” – he said. Besides, high prices charged for legal content are one of obstacles in fight with piracy in Russia. “Right holders still do not hear my calls and calls of our citizens in general and inflate prices for their content” – underlined deputy. He believes 70% of moneys, which customer pays for content, go to right holders. It is too much. “We have to build a dialog with right holders. But, honestly, I don’t understand how to make it if Hollywood inflates prices for its movies.”