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Russian Ministry of culture “knows” where you can find illegal copies of movies in internet

It has been received a permission to distribute one movie, the Death of Stalin, in Russian cinemas. But then, due to “public opinion”, the permission has been revoked. The reasons is not so interesting, the most interesting is the fact, that Russian ministry of culture (MinCult), the authority supervising distribution of movies in Russian cinemas, knows where to watch the illegal copy of this film in internet.

The Russian Presidential Council for Civil Society and Human Rights asked Russian MinCult to provide the council with copy of the film The death of Stalin. The council decided to watch and explore the film with constructive purposes. What MinCult replied? First of all it advised to ask the holder of rights in film for Russian territory for the copy of this film in order to watch it, because MinCult does not have any digital copy of the film.

But, according to MinCult, the “film in question is (now it is already “was”) public available, and it can be viewed at the following link –” – stated the letter by deputy of minister. It means the ministry disseminated information on illegal (i/e/ pirated) copies of movie in official communication between state authorities. The letter induces to watch illegal copy of the film in Russian social network. Sometimes you can fight piracy, sometimes you can consider it as something convenient.