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Right holders are dissatisfied by Yandex’s execution of antipiracy memo

Major Russian right holders, holding rights in audio-visual works, and Yandex have signed anti-piracy memorandum, the agreement aiming to delete links or pirate web-sites from search results. In order to execute this memo Yandex have developed its own bot – special software searching for illegal sources of right holders’ content. The bot is not only means of memo execution, but the main, and right holders, who signed this memo, are dissatisfied on its work.

They believe the bot is not effective. Yandex promises to improve the effectiveness of its program. The right holders have sent the letter to Yandex. In this letter they claim the Yandex did not proposed the effective means able to reveal links to illegally placed video. Some stakeholders believe the Yandex’s bot is not able to work precisely and correctly with data. According to Yandex its bot searches for internet pages with content similar to those are already in antipiracy register. Machine learning helps to improve it. Thanks to this bot Yandex have found few millions internet pages with illegal content.

So, why right holders are not happy with execution of antipiracy memo? They believe the bot actually finds web-site with “signs of infringement” but without infringement. For example, the bot can find web-page with heading Game of Thrones watch online, but without media player through which the work can be watched. Right holders also claim the Yandex has sent to them file with data base consisting of 3 mil URLs. Some of them have opened and read and some of them could not do it. They were disappointed by the fact that all URLs in file have been not categorized by the right holders (what links to certain right holder).

Some right holders decided to analyze URLs listed in Yandex’s data base. And most of them were disappointed again. For example, one right holder has checked thousand URLs. 67% of them were not relevant: some web-sites were without video or the video was legal, the rest of the URLs have no any relation to right holder and only two of all URLs have illegal video. Right holders believe the Yandex’s bot can be effective if it would search URLs and analyse them.

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