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Two years of probation for online copyright infringement in Russia

Stepan Entzov, owner of online library “litmir”, has been sentenced for two years of probation by district court in Cheboksary for copyright infringement. In 2011 Stepan has established online library “litmir”. Till the end of 2015 he was the only owner of resource. The statistic of monthly visits was good. Resource was getting popular. But then one more owner has appeared. Who is he it was not stated or disclosed. New owner said his intentions are only fair. But as a fact Roskomnadzor has blocked the site

Administration of “litmir” did not find common understanding with right holders. There were several lawsuits from publishing houses claiming “litmir” infringes their copyright. Administrators of web-site decided to buy new domains for a case if current domain name will be blocked. So it is not clear, whether updated “litmir” will appear again or resource’s owners will decide to drop it and make something else.

Actually at court hearing was determined the sum of incomes the web-site made for its owner. It was about one million roubles per month. But tens of peoples worked there for free, without salary. There were told that resource is maintained only thanks to donations. They didn’t know about sum of incomes. But it is really strange. “Litmir” owner also agreed to pay to Russian publishing house “Eksmo” five million roubles as a compensation for unauthorised use of approximately hundred books. But it was alternate acts of kindness – the list of infringed books was much bigger and included more than hundred positions, there was about few thousands.