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New rules for movies distribution in Russia

Under new rules, adopted by Russian Government, Russian Ministry of Culture (MinCult) has authority to issue, refuse to issue and cancel permission for distribution of movies. Such permission covers 1) distribution of movies in cinema, 2) distribution of movies on physical media and 3) both options and can be received by producer, distributor, demonstrator and licensee, having authority to exploit a movie by way mentioned above, only if such permission has been not issued to person already having exclusive right to exploit a movie. In order to receive such permission person must apply to MinCult.

In application it must be stated a name of an applying person, the date a public demonstration is intended to be commenced and the way of distribution. Documents confirming person’s authority to exploit the movie, like licence agreement on reproduction, distribution or public performance of audiovisual work, must be enclosed to application. Rules also require applicant to provide MinCult with physical copy of movie for revision and preservation purposes. MinCult has 10 working days to consider application if it was properly made.

New rules also take in account requirements of Russian movie producers in relation to foreign audiovisual content. If Mincult receives two or more applications containing a same dates of public demonstration in Russia, MinCult within three working days following a registration of application decides to suspend consideration of provided by applicant documents and notifies applicants of necessity to negotiate whose movie will be demonstrated in the first place. If the applicants cannot come to a decision acceptable for all parties, it makes MinCult instead of them.