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Russian ministry of culture has new idea how to help Russian cinematography at the expense of Hollywood

It seems Russian ministry of culture (MinCult) knows how to kill two birds with one stone – to bite a Hollywood and to help Russian cinematography. Many stakeholders disliked the idea with 5 mln roubles for permission to show movie in Russian cinema. Therefore MinCult proposed something new – 3% of revenue from ticket sales. This 3% could make “additional 1,5 billion roubles” for funding of Russian movies.

According to new idea, the cinemas should transmit 3% of revenue from ticket sales to state Cinema Fund. These moneys should be a new source for funding of national movies. “Cinemas in general have agreed, all major cinema-networks believe it is reasonable”, – stated minister of culture Medinsky. “It will not cause increase in prices for cinema tickets.” New duty will cover all tickets – for foreign and Russian movies.

But the interesting thing is that some major cinema-networks did not hear about new idea. Some of them stated that nobody from state officers discussed this idea with them; some of them stated they learned this from journalists. CEO of CARO (cinema-network) said the problem is quality of movies. Other stakeholders claim profitability of ticket sales is balancing near zero, cinemas make profits from additional services and new duty can kill such economics.