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Russian Ministry of culture has formed board of experts who should impact on films release and their distribution

The release dates of new films in Russia will depend on new board of experts created by Russian ministry of culture (MinCult). This board has also authority to decide whether to grant a permission to distribute a film in cinemas or repeal such permission. One of the members, included in such board, dislikes such idea.

Igor Tolstunov is a member of this board. According to his words he did not know he became a member of this board. He does not like idea to regulate the dates of film releases in Russia. He does not understand clearly the functions of this board.

“Film distribution is a market. You cannot just change the dates of release when someone has already planned it. When a “glade” is free for one film, then conditions for other film automatically is getting worst. Ministry of culture could create advisory body along with film distributors. I don’t understand why we need such board? What they intend to “expertise”? If director made a film and wants to release it he determines a date appropriate for him. And if other expert determines the most appropriate date for such film it is strange.”

Tolstunov also believes it is not necessary to forbid films with scenes of sex, violence or insulting the feelings of others because it is subjective matter. “It is necessary to ensure access to any films; consumer will choose which one he wants to see. Why we should to protect morality in such way? If you don’t want to see it, it is your choice. I think you can make any film and it is the rights of cinema whether to take this film for distribution or refuse to do it. Audience is grownup, why to make idiots from them?” – said Tolstunov.

The decision at this board is to be made by open voting and by majority of the votes, if votes for positive and negative decision are equal, then chairman’s vote decides. Professionals from cinematography industry, including film directors, can be involved in the board as an advisory vote.