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Approximately 25% of Russian online stores don’t comply with Russian law

Russian Association of Internet Trade (AKIT) and “Public customer initiative” (OPI) have made research on internet trade. According to this research more than 25% of popular internet stores don’t comply with current Russian law. Approximately 1000 online store have been analyzed during the research.

The widespread violation is absence or incorrectness of incorporation address on a web-site of online store. The other violation is absence of address where the operator of web-site resides. And third place is given to operators of online store who don’t reveal its name on web-site. Some online stores increase item price if the customer choose non-cash payment.

The results of research have been sent to Rospotrebnadzor – Russian watchdog protecting customers rights. Mentioned violations preclude customers to return or to replace a good purchased at the online store, they also preclude customers to enforce his rights in court. In most cases the supervising authorities don’t have opportunity to hand over any official instrument to operator or owner of online store.