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Russian prosecutor office chided Russian cartoon studio Souzmultfilm

One of the Moscow prosecutor offices has officially mentioned violation of law committed by Russian cartoon studio Souzmultfilm. Studio has concluded two deals with Danone totally on half billion Russian Roubles without prior approval of government.

First deal concerns licensing of rights in cartoons “Three from Prostokvashino”, “Holidays in Prostokvashino” and “The winter in Prostokvashino”. The sum of this deal is 200 mln Roubles. The second deal concerns production of cartoons mentioned above. The sum is 300 mln Roubles. Prosecutor office holds position that the both deals have been concluded prior to approval of Russian government. It is all about formal details. The one of agreements has been concluded at 31.05.2017 and the approval followed at 20.06.2017 under the number 1296.

The inspection of cartoon studio has been initiated at the request of Russian deputy Nikolay Ivanov. In his request he stated about two deals. He and prosecutor office have confirmed request and inspection followed request. But the studio has denied existence of any request to inspect studio as well as mentioned violation of law. “It is commercial contract without any state funding. There is no any reason for request. Someone is destabilising the situation”, – stated representative of studio.