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The Russia regulates Internet “excessively” and “erratically”

The deputy of Russian minister of communication (MinCom), Alexey Volin, believes “excessive and erratic regulation of internet by the Russian state precludes progress of digital economy”. According to his words the industry suffers losses if state regulation lacks sequence and consistency.

Very frequent changing of regulations in telecommunication industry makes market nervous and confuses regulator itself, because it is difficult for the latter constantly and timely to change the way it works.

“The rules changing constantly: you start to play in fool (cards game), in the middle you already play in preference, and at the end it is roulette and must give away all pieces,” – characterizes Volin the regulation of telecommunication industry in Russia. Volin believes there should be “few laws, regulating media communications in Russia, and they must be comprehensible and they should not be changed during a long period of time”. It is positive idea to “draft media communication code”.

Alexey Volin also believes there is another problem – “too much various initiatives concerning regulation of internet”. Many of them “will never be implemented”, but only declaring of “bizarre proposals” makes industry disoriented.