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Likes, reposts and hyperlinks will be not treated as infringement in Russia

Russian ministry of communication opposes responsibility for hyperlinks and reposts in internet as deputy of minister of communication Alexey Volin has stated. According to Interfax, Volin stated that currently there is no clear legal definition of repost and there is only its interpretation in legal practice. “We think “likes” and “reposts” are not expression of something, particularly we are foes to responsibility for hyperlinks” – said Volin. Volin believes user sometimes does not know where hyperlink leads – today under hyperlink can hide one thing, tomorrow other thing. “What is repost? You give some address. But in a life today at this address can be shed and tomorrow at this address can be bakery. And while stating address you might mean shed. And in about 15 minutes after something can be changed there. Therefore position of Ministry is very simple – we believe it is very broad interpretation of law and we are foes to idea to set up responsibility for hyperlinks.”

Very clear, don’t you think?