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Refusal to delete information from internet can entail a real prison term in Russia

The Russian legislator intends to make punishment for ignoring the law, obliging the person to delete certain information from the web-site or web-resource under the court order, harder. There are two proposed laws – one proposes amendments to Russian criminal law and the other proposes amendments to Russian administrative law.

In relation to administrative law the explanation note to the draft law states that the Russian constitution provides every person protection of rights and freedoms by the court. Therefore the legislator believes it is necessary to improve the law mechanisms for better protection of constitutional rights and freedoms. If the person fails to delete information from internet the law provides for the first time a fine. The fine can be charged twice, so the person has to ignore the court’s decision twice. In third time the threat of prison term up to one year can be real.

According to amendments to administrative law the penalty for natural persons is up to 20 thousands roubles and for legal entities the penalty is up to 200 thousands roubles and for officers the penalty is up to 50 thousands roubles. If the law provision is violated in second time the detention or mandatory work can follow. According to amendments to criminal law, for failure to execute the court’s decision the fine up to 50 thousands roubles, mandatory work, detention up to three months or jail term up 2 years can follow.