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Russian educational supervising authority proposed to check bachelor’s diploma works on the subject of plagiarism

Russian prime-minister Dmitry Medvedev and presidents of Russian higher educational institutions have organized a meeting this July. At the meeting propositions, aiming to improve the system of state accreditation for institutions of higher education, have been discussed.

Among the initiatives, proposed for consideration, the one was to check all graduation qualifying works on the subject to plagiarism. If to be more precisely – it was proposed to check the works whether there are incorrect citations, when the work contains a substantial part from the other scientific work. The check can be executed via the “anti-plagiarism” system. All works of bachelor students will be scanned through this system. “If the system is used for diploma works, why it should not be exploited for bachelor works,” – said the president of Russian High School of Economy Kuzminov.

The quantity of plagiarized works will be taken into account at the assessment of success rate of the higher educational institutions. This would reflect the quality of education at the certain university. “The share of plagiarized works would show, how seriously the institute works with its students,” – said Kuzminov. Inadequate work with students can affect funding the institute in future.