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Russian minister of education instructed to check all scientific works of ministry executives on plagiarism

The Russian minister of education, Olga Vasilievna, made this decision when one of her deputies has been accused of plagiarism. The most interesting is that this decision is not made officially. One of her executives has received instruction to check scientific works, but this instruction has been made without terms for its execution.

The executive, who has been accused of plagiarism, is a curator of scientific development in Russia. The ministry has received the letter from Russian citizen. This letter stated that almost half of his scientific work is copied from scientific dissertation of Russian physicists. This executive was a scientific adviser of these physicists. These physicists don’t have any claims against this executive and deny all allegations. The other experts believe there is a “normal co-authorship” in scientific work in question.

But why Russian minister of education decided to check all scientific works? She wants to be sure in “scientific purity” of all her staff members in ministry. If the fact of plagiarism in scientific work of any of her employee will be confirmed, such employee will be deprived of scientific degree. If it would be impossible by cause of term (10 years after thesis defense), such employee is to be dismissed.

There are 13 executives in ministry with scientific degree. This is a first such inspection on subject of plagiarism. But it is not all. The presidents of higher educational institutions will be also checked on plagiarism in their scientific works.