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Survey says the most of Russians are not ready to pay for legal content

Russian public opinion research center (VCIOM) has made research (social survey) on consumption of content in internet and outcomes are surprising. The most Russians are not ready to pay for legal content in internet. VCIOOM has surveyed one thousand citizens over 18 years of age.

66% of surveyed do not want to pay for movies in internet. Only 34% are ready to pay for good quality of movies in internet. 25% can buy paid subscription (some services have subscription for free and make money on advertisement) if its monthly price is form 300 to 500 Roubles (about 8 USA dollars). 8% are ready to pay 200 Roubles (about 3-4 USA dollars) for monthly subscription, and 7% are ready to pay 100 Roubles in month. 1% believes paid subscription can be up to 1500 Roubles (about 25 USA dollars) and minimum can be 10 Roubles.

The most interesting thing is that 47% truly believes if someone has upload movie or book in internet, so the author does not have any right to forbid distribution (even if it is illegal) or sharing  (P2P etc.) for free. 71% from 47% explain their position very simple – there is low living standard in Russia therefore the citizens can’t be deprived of opportunity to consume (i/e/ download from internet) content for free. Respondents believe in order to fight piracy it is necessary to make price for the legal content very low.