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Russian Senate proposed to guarantee net neutrality in Russia by law

The council on the development of the digital economy has proposed to guarantee the net neutrality by law. Under net neutrality the council understands the principle when internet providers are obliged to provide internet traffic from any web-resource (social network, online cinema etc.) without any limits or priority. Internet providers claim such law could negatively affect their business, including by way of excluding revenues from “tariff maneuvers”.

There is no draft law. The council has asked to develop proposals for net neutrality law. Russian Federal Antitrust Service (FAS) endorses council’s initiative. FAS believes “the principles of net and technological neutrality are core for providing conditions for fair competition”. Media-Communication Union, uniting internet providers and telecommunication companies, believes “it is necessary to give net neutrality a legal status, but it should not harm the interests of citizens and state and it should be incentive, but not the obstacle, for development of business”.