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Without apologises for “greedy ghouls” right holders will use their last chance

Right holders did not wait with reaction. They are going to complain to Russian president about his counselor on internet for “greedy ghouls” and his refusal to bring apologises – said CEO of group of companies “Prior” Rodion Pavluchik. “I’m also ghoul, therefore I’m on their side. How you can maintain conversation with boors? It seems it is not possible to handle it otherwise. We will address to president. I believe such counselors discredit our president, they don’t converse with industry, insult people, calling them ghouls and at the same time protecting blunt theft. We will insist on his fallacy in this issue.” – said Pavluchik.

Pavluchik also thinks German Klimenko is wrong when he points that users must always pay for watching movies online. “Most part of movies is placed on absolutely legal and free services. Come and get it” – he added. He has also mentioned that online services require payment for watching a movie only in a case of new releases. But right holders don’t get a lot of money from this. “When you watch a movie on for free, there is advertisement, and we receive a few kopecks from this: about four roubles for thousand views. If you want something particularly special or you want to get movie immediately after release in cinemas – you will pay 350 roubles. In this case I will receive 40-50%. For someone who can wait it will be for free after two months.”

9th February listeners of radio “Russian news services” during phone polling upheld Klimenko’s position in relation to right holders. 95% of auditory believe counsellor is right, the remaining 5% upheld right holders.