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Counterfeited auto parts is another huge problem in Russia

One Russian news agency after its investigation has stated that there is huge problem in Russia with counterfeited auto parts. Consumers face the risk to buy counterfeited auto parts even in official authorized auto services. The scale of problem with counterfeited auto parts in the field of handicraft repair can be only assumed.

The auto parts from China can be of high quality as well as very low quality. Customs authorities seize counterfeits on a huge scale, but it seems it does not help to eliminate the problem. Counterfeited auto parts cause damages not only for right holders but they are also dangerous for the health and safety of customers, who buy them for their autos. There is no exception for the brands of autos. Counterfeits are made for any mark of auto.

The main reason for widespread problem with counterfeited auto parts is prices. Producers of auto parts claim on different exhibitions their competitors send industrial spies in order to get know-how. As a result many unauthorized auto parts enter the Russian market as legal with all accompanying documents. Market players pray for toughening of control over importing and distribution of auto parts in Russian market.