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New strategy for development of informational society in Russia has been approved

This strategy defines purposes and measures for realisation of internal and external Russian policy in the field of implementation of informational and communicational technologies to improve development of informational society, national digital economy and secure national interests and realise national strategic priorities.

The strategy defines what a digital economy and its ecosystem are. Digital economy is a business activity, where the key factor of production is data in a digital form, and when processing of big data and its analysing are more effective for different types of manufacturing, technologies, equipment, storing, selling and delivering of goods and services in comparison with traditional business activities.

Ecosystem of digital economy is partnership of organisations, which provides permanent interaction of organisations’ technical platforms, internet-services, analytical systems, informational systems of Russian state authorities, organisations and citizens.

In worldwide market the main competitive advantage of economy are based on technologies of big data analysis. Such technologies are used in Russia, but they have been not developed in Russia. There are no Russian analogues of such technologies in Russia. Wide implementation of foreign informational and communication technologies complicates protection and securing of Russian state’s interests.

It is necessary to provide Russian market with available, qualitative and legal media products and services produced in Russia. It is necessary to support protection of intellectual property of Russian right holders and collaborative use of knowledge, including overseas. It is also necessary to protect citizens from counterfeited and low-quality products.