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The CEO of Russian first channel knows how to tackle piracy

First of all the CEO divides his strategy in two parts. First part is the “follow the money” approach. The second main part is negotiating with search engines. It seems the last more complicated than deprive pirates of financial resources. The CEO said it is necessary to block the casino advertising. But according to last researches the casino advertising is not favorite among advertisers anymore.

“In order to overcome a piracy it is not enough to cut off traffic,” – he said. It is also necessary to cut off money flows. But such measures would not eradicate piracy but they could clear out the most part of illegal video in internet, he believes. The main problem, the right holders face, is URL to illegal videos in search results. The first channel’s CEO believes the search engines provide approximately 75% of illegal traffic. He personally has found 54 pirated URL in search results. It is very complicated to fight piracy if the people are not habituated to pay for the legal content.

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