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Russian internet watchdog disliked draft law on big data

Russian internet watchdog – Roskomandzor – prepares negative assessment of Russian draft law on big data. The draft law introduces amendments to Russian law on information, its protection and informational technologies aiming to regulate users’ data.

What exactly Roskomandzor disliked in this draft law? According to Roskomnadzor’s representative the draft law replicates the mechanism of law on personal data (registry, notifications etc. It does not provide difference between types of data. It is not clear from draft law who is the subject of regulation and how it should be controlled the transferring of data due to its huge scale.

All in all the Roskomandzor did not see anything positive in proposed draft law on regulation of big data. The draft law proposes qualify any impersonal information on physical persons and their behavior, collected from different sources from more than thousand IP addresses, as users’ data. According to draft law the users’ data can be processed only with the consent of the user.

Some Russian companies, working with big data, also disliked this draft law. Among them are Russian Sberbank and telecommunication companies. The other stakeholders claims the draft law restricts constitutional right to search, process and freely receive information and the circle of subjects, falling under the regulation, is to be too broad including web-site operators.