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The new fines for non-compliance on personal data in Russia

Russian deputies have proposed new fines for persons who don’t comply with Russian law on keeping all personal data within the territory of Russia. The draft law aims to raise liability for non-compliance and provides amendments to Russian administrative code.

According to proposed amendments the fine for natural persons raised up to 50 thousands Roubles, for officers fines raised up to half of million Roubles and for legal entities fines raised up to 6 million Roubles. Such fines are provided in a case if the non-compliance was in first time.

For the second time the fines are much higher. For natural persons the fine is up to 100 thousands Roubles, for officer the fine is up to one million Roubles and for legal entity the fine is up to 18 million Roubles. If the person runs business activity in the form of private enterprise the liability for such person is equal with liability for legal entities.

Such high fines should stimulate companies to localize personal data of Russians in Russian territory. For messengers there are also amendments. If the messenger does not provide Russian special authorities with data on communications within the network the fine has been raised up to 6 million Roubles.

Data on communications in relation to messenger means opportunity for Russian special authorities to read messages of users they send each other. For search engines there is also higher liability. If the search engine refuses excluding URLs to resources forbidden in Russia, the fine has raised up to 5 million Roubles.

The new hard measures mostly aimed to foreign companies like Google, Facebook or Twitter. Like they say in Russia, Russian authorities “try to get in departing train” by way of hard measures, instead of developing something necessary and useful.

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