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Russian minister of culture predicts the access to internet network on the passport

The ministry of culture is famous of its legislative proposals like restriction of access to web-sites without court order. The minister is pretty sure that all anonymity will disappear from global internet and go to darknet, but underlined that it is his own opinion. But many professionals in Russia know that very often personal opinions of Russian official persons can become reality under the law.

The Russian authorities can try to realize their personal opinion in “scale of one separately taken country”. So, the Russians know what to wait from Russian authorities in near future. The minister of culture believes in future the access to internet would be provided by the so called passport – the personal identifier assigned to certain person by the official authority. Currently the internet is “unnecessarily free” platform and it is necessary to regulate it. The registration and sale of products would be also through ID, he added.

He said the internet does not provide turnkey solutions. You can’t just forbid something and catch all infringers in internet. It is not effective solution. Therefore it is necessary to control it. Partially it could be made by the way of personal identification.