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The law against ticket resellers has been adopted in first reading

The Russian state duma has adopted the draft law aiming to regulate tickets sales in first reading. The main purpose of law is to exclude intermediaries from ticket sales chain. Thanks to such intermediaries the ticket prices sometimes increase more than three times from initial, selling price. The Russian legislators intend to make such practice over. Actually the law does not contain mandatory procedure of sales, rather its provisions “describes” how tickets should be sold.

According to the draft law theatres, music and dance groups, live event organisers, concert halls, circuses and museums in special places – on their official web-sites or specially equipped informational desks in public places – publish information on ticket prices, on persons, who is authorized to sell tickets and information on ticket requisites and design elements. The relevant federal executive authority develops and approves the ticket design, containing the main requisites.

The culture organisations and museums have the right to add any necessary additional design element in the ticket form at their own. If the ticket design does not match with one approved by the federal executive authority and does not contain necessary requisites, and also fake tickets and tickets with corrections are not eligible to be sold and don’t provide the buyer with right to attend event and can’t be returned back. Who can sell tickets? According to draft law only cultural organisations and persons authorized by them (whether legal entities or individual enterprises).

Authorisation to sell tickets can be only in form of agreement between person and cultural organisation. Any other person not mentioned in draft law does not have the right to sell tickets. Authorised person can charge remuneration for relevant services, including ticket delivery, if otherwise is not provided in agreement with cultural organisation. The fact that relevant services, but not the ticket itself, has been supplied is to be confirmed by the receipt. The overall price of such services is not more than 10% from the sold ticket.

The law also provides the cultural organisations and museums with right to sell personal tickets. The personal ticket can be used to attend the event only with person’s id. The name referred in ticked must match with person’s id. If the event has been canceled, substituted or the date, when it should take place, have been changed the price of the ticket should be refunded to the buyer.